Lost in Transition: What to Do When Your Legal Firm Closes


Navigating the abrupt closure of a legal firm, especially amidst ongoing claims, can be daunting and disorienting. For many involved in the Silverpoint liquidation, the sudden shutdown of Nordic Consulting and CLA has left numerous creditors uncertain about their next steps. This blog provides essential guidance on how to continue protecting your legal rights and claims.

Recognizing Your Current Situation

The closure of a legal firm during active litigation or claim processing complicates matters significantly. With Nordic Consulting and CLA now closed, many clients find themselves with valid claims that, unfortunately, are likely to result in “empty wins” due to insufficient liquidation funds. While your previous lawyers might have successfully filed your claims, their cessation of active legal support means it’s crucial to reassess your strategy.

Steps to Secure Your Legal Rights

  1. Understand Your Claim’s Status: First, gather all documentation related to your claim, including any correspondence and legal filings. Know the specifics of what has been filed, the current status, and any deadlines or pending actions.
  2. Vet New Legal Representation: Look for a law firm with expertise in corporate liquidations and financial recoveries, especially those familiar with the complexities of the Silverpoint case. Check their track record, client testimonials, and specifically their experience in handling transitions from other firms.
  3. Engage a New Legal Firm: Once you’ve identified a potential new legal partner, discuss your case in detail to ensure they can pick up where your previous firm left off. This includes understanding the nuances of your specific claim within the broader Silverpoint liquidation context.
  4. Develop a New Legal Strategy: With your new legal team, assess the viability of pursuing further actions to secure a payout. This might involve strategies like transferring liability to solvent entities within the Silverpoint group, as detailed in ongoing Legal Exits initiatives.
  5. Stay Informed and Involved: Regular communication with your new legal team is vital. Ensure you’re updated on any developments, and understand the actions being taken on your behalf.


The closure of your previous legal firm is not the end of your journey towards recovery. With the right steps and a capable new legal team, you can continue to fight for your rightful claim in the Silverpoint liquidation.

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If you are affected by the closure of Nordic Consulting or CLA and need expert guidance on how to proceed, consider reaching out to a firm equipped to handle such transitions effectively.

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