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The liquidation of Silverpoint Vacations has created a complex situation for creditors who had previously invested in timeshare and real estate opportunities. With all assets of Silverpoint being sold for just 1 million euros, stakeholders face a challenging financial landscape, especially considering the total creditor claims exceed 80 million euros.

The Financial Breakdown of Silverpoint’s Liquidation

Silverpoint’s liquidation presents a stark reality: the total assets available for distribution are drastically insufficient to cover the outstanding debts. To put this into perspective:

  • Asset Sale: The entire asset portfolio of Silverpoint was liquidated for approximately 1 million euros.
  • Outstanding Debts: Creditors have claims amounting to over 80 million euros.
  • Priority Claims: Excel Hotels and Resorts, a major creditor, has a claim of about 6 million euros. Furthermore, the administrative fees for Alvarez and Marsal, the company overseeing the liquidation, will also be subtracted from the available assets.

A Likely Outcome for Creditors

Given these figures, let’s consider a hypothetical yet realistic scenario to understand what creditors might expect:

  • Assume that Alvarez and Marsal’s fees come to around 500,000 euros.
  • With 1 million euros in assets, after deducting the 500,000 euros for fees, 500,000 euros remain.
  • Excel Hotels and Resorts’ 6 million euro claim would then take precedence, which exceeds the remaining assets, leaving nothing for other creditors under normal circumstances.

This calculation underscores the severity of the situation for the majority of Silverpoint’s creditors. In such cases, receiving any substantial payout is highly unlikely unless alternative legal strategies are employed.

Legal Exits Worldwide’s Proactive Strategy

Understanding the dire circumstances faced by many creditors of Silverpoint, Legal Exits Worldwide, in partnership with specialized law firms, is aggressively pursuing a strategy to transfer liability to other related corporate entities. This approach aims to uncover and target additional assets and avenues for compensation not confined within the limited scope of Silverpoint’s immediate corporate structure.

Why Join Legal Exits Worldwide?

To navigate this complex legal landscape and enhance your chances of recovering the funds you are owed, partnering with a firm that is actively working to expand the potential sources of compensation is crucial. Legal Exits Worldwide is at the forefront of this effort, building a robust case to ensure that justice is served and that creditors receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.


If you are a creditor affected by the Silverpoint liquidation, joining Legal Exits Worldwide can significantly bolster your chances of a favorable outcome. Our team is committed to leveraging every legal avenue to challenge the limited payouts and seek broader compensation channels. Contact us today to learn how we can help maximize your claim and navigate this complex process together.

Contact Legal Exits Worldwide to discuss your case and explore your options.

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