‘’Good information leads to good decisions, which leads to good results.’’

Our Mission

From Fractional and Vacation ownership, Legal Exits are now seen as one of Europe’s leading advisors in all areas of the Holiday Ownership and Timeshare Business.

In Europe alone, around 1.5 million European households are timeshare owners, more than a third of which are from the UK and Ireland, with the largest number of resorts in Spain.

Property, Real Estate and Fractional Ownerships have changed enormously in the last 20 years and in the last year alone, Legal Exits has successfully assisted over 1000 multinational Clients.

Given the current climate it has never been more important to get good advice if you are thinking of buying or selling a property or relinquishing or claiming compensation on an ownership and we encourage you to get as much information as possible from our complimentary no obligation consultations.

Our team of in-house lawyers collaborate with a network of law firms, international lawyers, legal scholars and contract lawyers. All are experienced experts in timeshare related contracts worldwide.

Contact Us

Find out if we can help you in a few minutes. Contact us online, send an email to contact@legalexits.com or fill out our online form.

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