Facing the Facts: Beyond the Ostrich Method in the Silverpoint Liquidation


It’s human nature to seek comfort in avoidance when faced with overwhelming challenges—what we often call the “ostrich method,” burying our heads in the sand, hoping problems will resolve themselves. However, when it comes to legal and financial matters, especially in complex cases like the Silverpoint Liquidation, this approach can lead to missed opportunities and disappointments.

The Reality of Silverpoint Liquidation

For many who have filed claims against Silverpoint, there is a natural inclination to feel relieved, believing that the legal process will unfold in their favor now that their claim is successfully registered. The harsh reality, however, is starkly different. With Silverpoint’s assets sold for merely €1 million against claims totaling €180 million, the mathematical improbability of a favorable outcome cannot be ignored.

The Hope Versus Reality

Hope is a powerful emotion and often necessary. Yet, in situations like these, hope alone is insufficient. Despite the successful registration of claims, the sheer volume of liabilities far outstrips the available assets. Many claimants continue to hope for a significant payout, even though the fundamental economics of the liquidation paint a different picture.

Confronting the Hard Truths

Facing the facts is the first step towards taking meaningful action. While no one enjoys confronting uncomfortable truths, understanding the real state of affairs is crucial. The sale of Silverpoint’s assets and the overwhelming amount of claims mean that without a new approach, many creditors will likely see little to no return.

What Can Be Done?

Acknowledging the need for further action is vital. At Legal Exits Worldwide SL, we are committed to exploring all avenues to potentially shift liability to other related entities within the Silverpoint network that are financially solvent. This strategy is not about abandoning hope but about redirecting it towards more practical and actionable solutions.


While the desire to avoid unpleasant realities is understandable, in the case of the Silverpoint Liquidation, it is essential that all involved parties confront the facts head-on. By doing so, they can make informed decisions about their next steps, ideally with competent legal guidance to navigate the complexities of this challenging scenario.

For those ready to take a proactive stance and explore their legal options, consider reaching out for a consultation. Sometimes, the hardest truths open the doors to the most necessary actions.

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