Timeshare Claims Testimonials

We bought into Club LA Costas fractional ownership in 2017 for £23,000. We found out that other people bought the same for less. Legal Exits helped us to exit our timeshare and we have now received our compensation.

The Williams

Legal Exits recovered 9,600€ from when my timeshare resort in Tenerife closed down.

Susan & Henry Hiking

I bought a timeshare at Azure Golden Sands 5 years ago. I didn’t think I would ever get my money back, but Legal Exits told me that the high pressure sales tactics they used were illegal and Barclays Bank should not have approved the finance. My timeshare nightmare is now over.

Emma Bounty

Legal Exits informerade oss om att vi skulle återfå ungefär 40% av beloppet vi investerat. 3 månader efter
vi anlitat Legal Exits, kontaktade Advokaten Jose Carlos oss och meddelade att vi vunnit domstolsärendet.
Det var en trevlig överraskning när vi fick ett brev via advokaten, sänt från domstolen, att vi vunnit
tillbaka 75%, < ungefär 890.000SEK >. Pengarna kom in på vårt bankkonto 12 dagar efter
Nästa gång vi är på Teneriffa så bjuder vi Mike på både Lunch & Middag!

Tom & Freja Bergström

Vi ägde en lägenhet hos Silverpoint i 6 år, under dessa år betalade vi mer i
underhållsavgifter/årligavgifter än vad vi tjänade via uthyrningen. Legal Exits löste att vi fick tillbaka det vi
spenderat (inkluderar alla avgifter) + 20% extra.
Tack /Ponte

Pontus Kjellgren

Min mor passerade för ett par månader sedan, varav jag (hennes dotter) ärvde
medlemskapet tillsammans med alla obetalda avgifter. Först passerar min mor och sedan får vi flertal
fakturor att betala i relation med hennes medlemskap, vi kontaktade Legal Exits via rekommendation från
en väninna. Vi fick tillbaka 550.000kr via domstol och alla avgifter blev betalda. Vi är mer än
tacksamma, min mor kan nu vila i frid och vi kan vårda hennes minne på ett bra sätt.

Familjen Samuelsson. Till minne av Mormor Kassandra

We had been suckered into buying seven weeks at Anfi over the years! We used to enjoy our holidays in Gran Canaria, but started to dread going. Every time we went back, another strong-armed sales pitch that we would end up saying yes to in order to get some peace and quiet. Thanks to the team at Legal Exits, we were able to prove that we were mis-sold because Anfi’s high-pressure sales tactics & get compensation. Glad to see Anfi go insolvent this month!

Kevin & Bill Whitman-Greene

My resort told me I had to pay £6,000 to cancel my timeshare agreement and to sign a waiver to say I would not claim compensation against them. I paid Legal Exits much less and the got me my £12,000 back that I had paid when I bought the timeshare

Brian Cartwright

I paid £4,000 for my timeshare in 2002 at Resort Properties and paid Monster Travel £5,000 to relinquish the contract which turned out to be a Scam. Legal Exits said they could get my money back. I have already received the money from my first claim with Resort Properties.

Peter White

I was invited to the Trafford Centre to collect the £200 voucher I had won, As I did not buy the timeshare on the day they invited me to stay at Paradise Club in Tenerife for free and I purchased while I was there. CLC have now closed down and Legal Exits are perusing my claim.

Sandra Adebayo

Allan L. kontaktade oss i Maj 2020, Marian skickade uppdateringar under processens gång
och Mike ringde oss i Mars 2021 med goda nyheter. Mike bekräftade att ärendet är avslutat och
advokaten skickade även ett bekräftande mejl, 5 dagar senare mottog vi banköverföringen.

D. Lundstedt

Selv når de ikke talte dansk, fungerede kommunikationen fremragende. De hjalp os med
nøjagtigt alt, fra punkt a til punkt b. Sagen tog cirka 11 måneder, vi var parat til, at det kunne tage op
til 5 år. Legal Exits inviterede os til Tenerife for personligt at modtage bekræftelsen fra retten. Fantastisk
arbejde og vidunderlig solferie.

Kjetil Tranbarger

My wife and I had been struggling with our maintenance payments to Club la Costa for years, as they just kept going up, which we were not told about when we brought our two weeks in Tenerife. I recently found out that we should have been informed about this before we signed anything with them and contacted them about getting my money back, only to be told that the company was now bankrupt and there was no money to be had! I got in touch with Legal Exits after seeing their ad on Facebook and they got my money back in under six months.

Alfred and Margaret McDougal

My Dad brought a timeshare off Club la Costa in Spain about 15 years ago. Sadly, he passed in 2017 and as an only child, I ended up with it, as they said the contract carried on after his death.

I am a single Mum who works as a dinner lady in a school, so I couldn’t really afford the maintenance. I decided to try and make the best of it, but Dad’s week was in March and I couldn’t get the time off work, or take little Alfie out of school and getting a swap for my week was impossible.

I didn’t want to be stuck paying for something that I couldn’t even use, so I got in touch with Legal Exits and they helped me to get compensation, as the contract with CLC wasn’t even legal under Spanish law!

Steph Whitehead


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