Legal Action Unveiled Against SilverPoint Resorts and Hotels in Recent Announcement

In a recent development, our legal team has made a groundbreaking announcement regarding significant steps to be taken in the ongoing legal proceedings against SilverPoint Resorts and Hotels and their affiliated groups.


The legal representatives have uncovered compelling evidence that distinctly identifies Excel Resorts and Hotels as the same individuals who, through their subsidiary Flamante Group, acquired all the weeks and shares entangled in the receivership process in Santa Cruz. It has been revealed that Excel is currently functioning as the entity leasing out these weeks and shares to vacation organizers, resulting in a situation where the owners are left without any apparent recourse.


The legal team emphasizes the possession of crucial information vital to the cases involving the affected parties. In an effort to keep the involved individuals informed about their personal situations concerning Excel Resorts and Hotels and the receivership, the legal team extends an invitation for a complimentary consultation. This consultation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the situation and its potential implications.


For further information and to schedule a consultation, affected parties are encouraged to respond with their preferred time for the consultation. Our legal team is committed to providing personalized attention to each case and ensuring that individuals receive the necessary guidance to navigate through the complexities of the legal proceedings.


This recent announcement marks a significant development in the legal pursuit against SilverPoint Resorts and Hotels, shedding light on intricate details that will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the ongoing proceedings.

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