Timeshare Maintenance Refund Policy

Timeshare Maintenance Refund Policy

As these fees are to maintain the resort, the timeshare maintenance refund policy or paused payments are at the discretion of the management companies. This is a loophole many timeshare companies have used to avoid refunding clients and pausing the payments.

The RDO defended the resort developers by stating on their website that the timeshare resorts used this money to buy new equipment and train staff on how to deal with managing restrictions once the resorts were to re-open.

Some timeshare resorts have offered their members banked weeks of accommodation as a “gesture of good will”. This has been widely criticised by timeshare owners as they often struggle to get availability at the resorts they want. There simply is not enough accommodation to honour all of the accommodation they have offered and it appears from the outside to be used as a tactic to handle unhappy consumers.

If you have been unable to utilise your timeshare and do not wish to continue to pay future maintenance fees, speak to a specialist regarding legally terminating the timeshare agreement. In certain cases, it may be possible to claim compensation if illegalities are found in the contracts, and in some cases management fees may also be compensated.

Use our compensation calculator to find out if you are eligible to claim compensation. A member of our team will contact you will all the relevant information regarding claims and the timeshare relinquishment procedure.

Compensation Calculator

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