Hilton takes over Diamond Resorts

Hilton takes over Diamond Resorts

There has been a lot of talk about what will happen to the timeshare owners once Hilton takes over Diamond Resorts. Many owners are now only just realising that it is true. 

Hilton Grand Vacations announced that it has entered into the agreement to acquire Diamond Resorts International on March 10 2021.  According to their post online which can be found here Hilton Grand Vacations to Acquire Diamond Resorts | Hilton Grand Vacations, the agreement will strengthen the Hilton Grand Vacation’s brand once it acquires Diamond Resorts, who are the largest independent timeshare operator. 

Diamond Resorts also posted the same article on the 10/03/2021 on their website Hilton Grand Vacations to Acquire Diamond Resorts, Creating the Premier Leisure Operator With the Broadest Offering in the Vacation Ownership Industry | Diamond Resorts

Therefore, it has been made common knowledge that they have entered into an agreement. But there are still many un answered questions left out of the article. Important questions that timeshare owners need to know.

What effect will it have on timeshare owners once Hilton take over Diamond Resorts?

Do I have a say in becoming a Hilton timeshare owner?

Hilton Grand Vacation and Diamond Resorts International both have happy timeshare owners, but are the standards the same and what happens with Diamond members existing contracts?

Despite the bad press that Diamond Resorts received back in April 2011, which was published in British media in The Mirror, which highlighted their use of debt collecting agency, Daniels Silverman. It is our understanding that Diamond Resorts were somewhat accepting of some of their member’s needs. Allowing some members to terminate their contracts free of charge providing that they did not owe any money, and that they were above 75 years of age. Although the members were not compensated any of the thousands of Euros that they paid for the product, it did allow them to walk away from the ever-increasing future management fees. What timeshare owners really want to know, is, what is Hilton Grand Vacations Policy? We searched FAQ – Timeshare Vacation Package | Hilton Grand Vacations for answers, but it seems this question is not asked so frequently, which is hard to believe.

The second biggest question we were asked, was, will my maintenance fees increase once Hilton takes over Diamond Resorts?

Hilton is a luxury travel brand, known for their high-profile guests and owners. It is fair to say, that Hilton accommodation is second to none! Whereas Diamond Resorts have some pretty abysmal reviews left on TripAdvisor. We understand that you can’t take reviews as facts as they can be easily faked, however, Hiltons reviews seem great on the majority of their resorts. Will the Hilton brand continue to run the resorts exactly how Diamond did? or will they upgrade the facilities and provide better training for their staff? We would hope that they do the latter, but this raises more questions than answers, who will pay for this? Will Diamond members have to pay an increased annual maintenance fee once a Hilton badge appears on the hotels?

Hilton take over Diamond Resorts

If you have been affected by the acquisition and would like to speak to someone regarding terminating your timeshare agreement or finding out if you are eligible to claim compensation, complete our free and simple compensation calculator form and a member of our team will contact you with the relevant information.

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