How to get out of your timeshare in 12 months

What is Timeshare?

Timeshare is a vacation system that allows several people to enjoy the same property on different dates.
This concept was born to make it easier for users to have a second residence in their favourite holiday destination, without having to make a large financial outlay, such as the purchase of a property.

This process begins with an initial outlay for the purchase of that vacation period. In addition, users must subsequently pay an annual amount for the maintenance of the property.

Timeshare at present

This system of holiday enjoyment has suffered in recent years due to legislative application.

Those affected have been many owners of these timeshares who have not been able to enjoy their holiday period or who have seen increases in their annual maintenance fees.

This situation has caused much confusion among timeshare clients, due to breaches of contracts and irregularities by companies and owners continue to lose their time and money.

One example we find today is the Anfi Club. This company is currently is under a judicial process. Hundreds of clients who owned a timeshare with Club Anfi have been affected. They have not been able to enjoy their vacation and, in addition, are not happy with the lack of information shared with them during the process.

How to solve this situation in 12 months

From Legal Exits, we understand the upset that this entails for the thousands of customers affected by the bad legal practices of these companies. Therefore, Legal Exits advise you to find the best solution within a short period.

We offer you a service in which we commit to relinquishing your timeshare within 12 months. We will be the intermediary who manages your case with the company that has caused you that upset.

If this is not achieved within 12 months, we promise to refund all process fees paid to Legal Exits if we do not manage to remove you from your timeshare.

At Legal Exits, we offer you our help, whether you are the main one affected or a friend or family member who is in this situation.

If you would like to receive more information, please click on the following link for a no-obligation appointment.

We can help you!

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