Timeshare Lies

Timeshare lies

Resorts are desperately clinging on to their remaining members by yet again, feeding them more timeshare lies!  

Most recently timeshare resort Club La Costa had informed their members that everything was going well, resorts were being updated and renovated and that there was a bright future ahead. However, at the end of January 2021, once their remaining trusting members had paid another year’s management fees, Club La Costa filed for voluntary bankruptcy!  

Why do people keep believing timeshare lies from resorts? 

Timeshare companies tell their members NOT to trust anyone that informs them that they can get their money back or terminate the agreement. What is confusing is that these same timeshare companies that are “warning” their customers not to trust anyone, are the same people who told their members lies when selling the timeshare.  

It is true that not every company is legitimate, it is also true that not every timeshare owner is eligible to claim compensation, however, every timeshare owner in Europe can pay to terminate their agreement, and there are many owners who are entitled to compensation. 

The only one answer for why a timeshare resort would tell their customers not to interact with a timeshare claims company is very simple, they want them to keep paying maintenance fees, and do not want to refund them. If it is so simple for non-timeshare owners to see this, why do the timeshare companies have such a strong hold on a small minority of their members? Are they using some kind of scare tactic?  

The majority of timeshare owners in Europe are now seeing sense. 

2019, 2020 and 2021 have seen a huge decline of timeshare owners. This is mainly due to how they have treated their members over the last few years when they have not been able to utilise their timeshares. They have still been receiving threatening maintenance demands, refusing to reply to emails and the constant lies trying to defend their actions. This is great that people are finally seeing sense. However, this is having the opposite effect on the remaining members. 

How does this affect the remaining members? 

Unfortunately, this will be extremely negative for the remaining members. The annual maintenance fees for a timeshare owner consist of the costs to run the resort, upkeep, and general maintenance. These annual fees are divided equally amongst the resort’s members, therefore, the fewer members there are, the more the divided costs equate to. 

Does it cost to get out of a timeshare? 

As of this time there are no charities of governing bodies that offer to cover legal fees for consumers that purchase a timeshare. However, if you are eligible to claim compensation due to timeshare mis-selling, it may be possible to recover any legal fees occurred along the way. You should discuss this with a specialist as each case is viewed individually. 

Can I do this on a no win, no fee basis? 

There may be companies out there that offer this service for timeshare relinquishment; however, this is never done with claims cases. There are two common scams relating to the so called no win, no fee timeshare cases that you must be aware of. 

Common no win, no fee scams! 

  1. Hidden within the small print of the no win no fee principle is the fact that this refers only to the relinquishment of the timeshare. The claims are dealt with via an external collaborator. Consumers do not realise at the time and legally agree to pay thousands once the relinquishment has been successful. They are then told by the external claims management company that they do not qualify for a claim. 
  2. Using companies recommended by any company linked with the RDO or TATOC such as, but not limited to, Mind Timeshare, Kwik Chex and Timeshare Business Checker are strongly discouraged. The RDO are paid by timeshare resorts to protect the best interests of the industry, not the timeshare members. If they recommend a no win, no fee company, it is very likely that you will be entered into a never ending “court case” in which you will sign an agreement to not use any other company. These cases are likely to be non-existent, ensuring that members continue to pay management fees to their resort. 

If it is too good to be true, it usually is! 

What if I cannot afford to relinquish my timeshare or claim compensation? 

Unfortunately, there is very little that you can do, but to wait out the duration of your agreement. The resorts can legally chase you for maintenance fees if these are not paid. 

We hope that this post is helpful and can avoid consumers from falling victim to fraudulent timeshare resorts. 

 If you have been taken in by timeshare lies and would like to find out if you are eligible to claim compensation, you can use our compensation calculator on the link below and a specialist will be in contact with all of the relevant information. 

 Compensation Calculator


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