Timeshare maintenance bills are coming!

Timeshare maintenance bills

Less than two months before until your next timeshare maintenance bill arrives! 

Timeshare resorts are currently calculating and predicting next year’s annual timeshare maintenance bills. They need to first arrive at a total estimated figure, then divide it by the number of remaining members. 

All timeshare owners have been dreading it this year, as the resorts are expected to attempt to recover their losses, following the travel ban and dwindling membership numbers.

Why do owners wait until it´s too late to do anything about timeshare maintenance bills?

It may just be curiosity getting the better of us, however, once the bill arrives it is too late to do anything about it. If you know for certain that you no longer want to continue with your timeshare, now is the time to start the relinquishment process!

What have the resorts told their members? 

Members have reached out to their resorts to confirm the cost of timeshare maintenance bills they will need to pay next year. Surprisingly, everyone seems to be getting the same answer: we do not know right now!

How can the timeshare resort not know how much their resort costs to run, and how many members have relinquished their timeshare in the last 9 months?

It seems as though they are attempting to buy themselves enough time until it gets too late for a member to successfully relinquish their timeshare before the cut off.

If it was good news, they would have informed you!

I want to relinquish my timeshare, but I do not want to lose the money that I have already paid! 

Many consumers that own timeshares in Spain or the Spanish Islands such as the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands may be able to claim compensation if your resort did not use the correct contracts, or mis-sold the product to you. Unfortunately, not every timeshare owner is eligible to claim compensation, however, every timeshare owner is able to find out for free! 

Use the online claims calculator to find out today if you qualify for compensation.


Compensation Calculator

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