Timeshare payment methods: can you claim compensation?

Timeshare payment

How did you make your timeshare payment?

Many owners are turning to compensation claims, after they have been forced to pay for holidays that they were unable to use. Depending on how you initially made your timeshare payment, you may also be able to claim.

Who can claim timeshare payment compensation?

Not every timeshare owner qualifies to claim compensation. A successful compensation claim is usually determined by how the timeshare was purchased.

Purchased Privately

If you have purchased your timeshare privately, you will be unable to claim timeshare compensation. This is because the purchase agreement was made with a third party, rather than your resort.

Credit Card

This is dependent on the law and level of consumer protection offered in the country the card was issues in. For example, it may be possible for British customers to claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. In order to file such a claim, you would need to prove that the product is not as described when purchased. Speaking to a specialist timeshare Claims Advisor can help you to determine whether your product was mis-sold.


If your timeshare resort arranged a finance agreement for your timeshare payment on site, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Finance companies have a duty of care when it comes to lending money, including the inclusion of a 14-day cooling-off period, during which a deposit from the customer should not be paid. Certain banks, including Barclay´s have been ordered by the courts to reimburse customers for timeshare loans, including interest.


If you made your timeshare payment in cash or via a debit card, depending on the circumstances surrounding the purchase you could still be successful in court. Customers who purchased after the 1998 Spanish Supreme Court ruling will find that their agreements are also invalid if money was taken from them during the cooling-off period, as above.

What can I do if I think my timeshare payment method may have been illegal?

The first step is to seek expert advise from a timeshare claims specialist, who can assess your contract, determine its legality and calculate how much you might be entitled to claim. You can also use our free compensation calculator below.


Compensation Calculator


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