Tenerife timeshare resort holidays being sold cheaply to non-owners online

Tenerife timeshare

Some Tenerife timeshare resorts are selling accommodation to the general public online

It’s bad enough that many Tenerife timeshare owners were forced to pay maintenance fees over last year, despite being unable to travel due to Covid, but now some resorts are attempting to double up on their income.

Many holidaymakers still uncomfortable about going on holiday to a country where restrictions are still in place, whilst a lot of older travellers (the key demographic of most Tenerife timeshare resorts) are unwilling to risk long-distance travel. Unfortunately, the timeshare resorts seem to be taking full advantage of the situation by renting their owner´s unused accommodation on hotel bookings websites and pocketing the money for themselves!

Accommodation rented for less than owner’s annual maintenance fees

Not only are owners not receiving a reduction in maintenance fees, but to make things worse, the accommodation is often being rented for less than the owners are paying!

Timeshare owners typically pay between €600 – €2900 in annual maintenance fees, with the average bill in Tenerife being around €1000. A quick search on booking.com will turn up many weeks in popular Tenerife timeshare resorts for much less than that.

It hardly seems fair that other people can now pay less, and without having to pay the thousands of pounds to ‘buy’ the property. Many Tenerife timeshare properties were also sold on the basis of being an exclusive product, only available to members. By breaching this agreement and opening their doors to the general public, these resorts have also opened said doors to compensation claims from disgruntled owners.

Is your Tenerife timeshare resort selling their accommodation cheaply online?

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by your timeshare resort and would like to know what rights you have, you can contact us via Live Chat or use our contact form and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your options with you. All telephone consultations for advice are 100% free of charge. Alternately, you can also check how much compensation you may be entitled to via our online compensation calculator.


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