Are timeshare membership bills blackening your Friday?

Timeshare membership bills

It’s that time of year: Timeshare membership bills are here again…

For most consumers, Black Friday means the opportunity to hit the high street and grab a bargain. However, for many timeshare owners, it often has a different meaning, as annual timeshare membership bills start hitting the doormat.

Far from being a Black Friday bargain, timeshare membership bills are often the unwelcome reminder of a costly mistake. And one that isn’t easily returned to the store either.

Has an unwelcome maintenance bill made your Friday a little blacker than you were expecting?

Sadly, it is too late to get out of paying this year’s bill. However, if you’re sick and tired of having to shell out for ever-increasing membership fees, starting procedures to legally exit your timeshare now could mean that this will be the last maintenance bill you ever have to lay eyes upon. Contact one of our Claims Advisors via Live Chat today, or contact us using the form below, for advice that is professional, friendly and free.


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