RCI exchange fees increase

RCI Exchange Fees Increase

More financial burden placed on timeshare owners, as RCI exchange fees are set to rise from next month

Many RCI members worldwide may be unaware of this pending increase, as the information hasn’t exactly been made obvious. The increase in RCI exchange fees for their North American customers was recently announced via a rather discrete notification on the company’s website, as shown in this video from YouTuber Destination Timeshare.

Here we can see an example of just some of the changes to RCI exchange fees for customers in the US.

RCI exchange fees

Given that RCI is an American-owned company, we can probably expect similar increases to be announced for their European customers over the coming weeks. Yet more expense for owners, on top of their resort’s annual maintenance fees, which will almost certainly also rise for most.

Timeshare ownership is never going to get any cheaper

With so many different costs involved, it is an unfortunate fact that that owning a timeshare is only going to get more expensive as time goes on, yet many owners remain trapped in long-term, or even endless contracts, believing they have little choice but to keep on paying.

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