Why most people want to exit a timeshare.

Exit a timeshare

It’s no secret that consumer confidence in the timeshare industry is at an all-time low, with many customers desperately looking to exit a timeshare they no longer want. Here are the main reasons our clients give when they contact our team at Legal Exits.

Maintenance fees

Back when many customers first signed their timeshare contract, maintenance fees (if mentioned during the presentation at all), most likely seemed a minor and perfectly reasonable expense. A couple of hundred Euros a year to ensure that the lovely new apartment you’d just purchased a share in stayed looking as good and the pool remained heated? Fair enough.

Unfortunately, a check of the fine-print of the contract goes on to reveal that these fees can be raised annually, usually with the slightest of reasons. Ten or twenty years down the line, that perfectly reasonable few hundred Euros has mysteriously turned into the best part of a thousand. And lord help those who bought more than one week!

Stuck in a Contract

A guaranteed week in the sun for the rest of your life? What could be better than that? Or so you thought, as you happily put pen to paper. A decade or so later, with those maintenance bills stacking up, you come to regret your decision.

Or perhaps you’re one of the unlucky few who inherited their timeshare from a deceased loved one? Stuck with an expense they didn’t sign up for, many look to exit a timeshare.

Not what you expected?

Were you shown a vast array of flashy amenities and a sparkling clean resort during your presentation, only to arrive to find a different reality. Maybe the resort was in disrepair, or that fancy looking gym turned out to be permanently closed? You begin your holiday feeling let down, but hoping it will be better when you come back next year. Maybe you’re even hopeful that the sudden hundred euro increase in your maintenance means the resort is being fixed up. Yet when you return, nothing has changed.

What can I do if I want to exit a timeshare?

if you’re at the stage of reading this article, chances are probably high that you’ve already taken the step of contacting your resort, only to be told that you are unable to exit a timeshare you own with them, as your contract still has many years to go, or is in perpetuity.

However, several recent high-profile court victories, particularly in Spain, have proved conclusively that the vast majority of timeshare was mis-sold. This has paved the way forward for customers not only to successfully exit a timeshare they no longer want, but also to claim compensation from their resorts.

For expert advice, contact our friendly team of customer advisors at Legal Exits for an informal chat, or use our free compensation calculator to find out how much you could be entitled to today.

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