Is Hilton Grand Vacations good value for money?

Hilton Grand Vacations

Hilton Grand Vacations is recognised as a leading global timeshare company. According to their website there are 31 hotels and resorts within the timeshare club. The 31 resorts offer 9,573 rooms combined.

Everyone associates the Hilton name as being a luxury hotel brand, but how do their timeshare members rate them?

Hilton Grand Vacations Reviews

Unfortunately, according to Trust Pilot, 83% of their reviews are bad!

Guests reportingly being charged for problems that were out of their control, being treated rudely and being offered no availability in the UK, even through the World’s largest timeshare exchange network, RCI.

Assumed members also state that they are `the worst company to get a timeshare´ and some seem to have ongoing legal disputes. One member warns others, not to trust the firm!

Hilton Grand Vacations Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

Hilton Grand Vacations
Trust Pilot reviews for Hilton Grand Vacations


Trust Pilot wasn’t the only website that members used to vent their anger. It appears the majority of reviews left on Consumer Affairs were also negative!

Hilton Grand Vacations
Consumer Affairs reviews for Hilton Grand Vacations

Acquisition of Diamond Resorts

Hilton Grand Vacations have now acquired Diamond Resorts International which offers a huge benefit to Hilton Grand Vacations. Unlike purchasing a hotel, which many would consider a poor investment during a pandemic where travel is uncertain, buying Diamond Resorts comes with 400,000 full paying members! This is fantastic news for Hilton as each Diamond member is contracted to pay large annual maintenance fees even if they are unable to travel.

Hilton Grand Vacations maintenance’s fees

Hilton’s maintenance fees have always been higher than the average resort, but you get what you pay for. The standards of a Hilton hotel are above the standard of the average timeshare resorts such as Diamond and Club La Costa, therefore you pay more to be a Hilton member!

Some ex-Diamond members have contacted us with concerns regarding a possible increase in fees. However, as we have told all timeshare owners, fees are likely to increase for every timeshare owner regardless of the situation. The pandemic and border closures have led to a huge decline in timeshare owners, as many have relinquished their timeshares due to being forced to pay fees for holidays that they could not utilise.

Sales decks across Europe have remained closed, therefore, there has been no new sales to even the numbers out. The less members there are, the higher the divided fees are for the remaining members.

Getting out of a timeshare

A lot of timeshare owners in Europe find that the costs of owning a timeshare are far greater than they would pay if they used a travel agency or online hotel booking website.

If you would like information regarding exiting a timeshare or believe you have been mis-sold your timeshare, use our online compensation calculator today.

Compensation Calculator

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